5 Things You Need to Have in Your Cheerleading Coach Binder

As a high school cheerleading coach, I wanted to make sure I was always prepared for whatever came my way. The responsibility of taking care of 30 high school girls was something I took seriously. Eventually, my coach binder grew to be too large and too heavy to carry around with me all the time. So, I left my huge coach binder in my car and only carried a smaller folder with 5 Things You Need to Have in Your Cheer Coach Binder. Over time, I realized there were 5 things I found were most important to have with me at all times.


  1. Full Team Roster. I used this for attendance and when needed for games/events.
  2. Contact Information for Parents/Guardians. This was mostly used if one of my athletes needed medical attention, if there were behavior issues at practice or a game,  or if their rides were late.
  3. Emergency Medical Information for each athlete. Having this information for each athlete kept my mind at ease. This information included allergies, preferred hospitals and insurance information. 
  4. Contact Information for Important School Administrators. If I needed anything that required an administrator (such as access to a building or in case of an emergency) I was happy to have a short list of key administrators on hand.
  5. Calendar. This was used as a reference for any key events I needed information about.

There were other things I would add to my folder throughout the season but they didn’t stay in there for the full season. For example, if my team was currently doing a fundraiser, I would have the important information I needed for that inside of my folder during that time. Once I was done tracking the fundraiser, I took that information out. I would do the same for events, clothing orders, etc. 

Taking this approach really helped to lighten my load – literally!

I still felt organized, but didn’t feel weighed down by the heavy binder. I created our printable binder inserts to keep things consistent and organized. Plus, my girls weren’t making fun of the size of my binder any more – ha! Today, I carry around my Cheer Coach Planner which has space for me to fill in literally all of the important information I carried around as a new coach plus folders to add in other important information as I go. It’s lightweight so it still doesn’t weigh me down like my binder did – but functional and pretty. 

No matter how you choose to organize your season, the best advice I have is to make sure you have the things you need to make you feel like you are as prepared as possible! & if you do want to carry your binder but want some tips on organizing it, head on over to our blog post about organizing your binder.



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