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Do you have budget tracking sheets inside of your Cheerleading Coach Binder? We all know Cheerleading can be an expensive sport. Registration fees, uniforms, camp gear, bows, poms, shoes, competition fees, hotels/travel, and more can quickly add up. Expensive costs make it difficult for all athletes to participate. Depending on how much funding your program receives & how much your program raises through fundraising, you may be able to absorb some of the costs for your athletes. But in a lot of cases, the cost to participate is one that falls on the families. Whether your program has a lot of money or is doing a new fundraiser each week to help cover the costs, you should be keeping track of your program budget inside of your Cheerleading Coach Binder.

4 Reasons Your Program Budget Sheets Need to Be In Your Cheer Coach Binder

  1. You’re in control. If you don’t know how much money is coming in and going out of your program, you have no idea where you can cut back or why you need to ask for more.
  2. In some cases, being able to show how much money a program makes can help legitimize the program & potentially open up the program to more funding support.
  3. It’ll allow you to give accurate cost estimates to potential new team members. 
  4. Reviewing your budget at the end of your season can provide you with insight into where you can make changes.

A lot of the cheerleading coaches I know keep track of their budgets using budget sheets and plain old pen & paper – despite all of the technology that exists. For my program, I’ve used printed budget sheets and an excel sheet. It really just depends on what I feel like doing for that season. Last season I used my Cheer Coach Planner which has program income and expense sheets inside of the Season Information section. I liked it because it included the information that was important to have on me at all times. 

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