Benefits of Using The Cheer Coach Planner

As a high school cheerleading coach, I was always looking for ways to keep myself organized. We had games on this day, practices on those days, community service, special events plus everything in my personal life. It was becoming difficult to keep track of everything I had going on. I tried using digital calendars or printables I found online, but I always ended up having some information in some places and some information in other places. Then one day I realized that it would probably best to use a planner to keep track of everything in one place. The problem was, there wasn’t a planner that fit all of my need so I created The Cheer Coach Planner.

The Cheer Coach Planner - cheer coach binder monthly calendar for cheerleading coaches - notes binder organization for cheerleading coaches

Why you should use THE CHEER COACH Planner instead of your binder

  • It’s smaller than your bulky coach binder
  • It’s lightweight and tangible for daily use
  • Beautifully made with a soft cover, wire binding & paper that won’t bleed.
  • There is plenty of space for your coach life & personal life
  • It includes space to list the contact information for your coaching staff
  • It also includes space to fill in the contact information for other important people you may need
  • Season Information Section Includes: Tryout Planning, Tryout Notes, Clothing Orders, Space Reservations, Fundraising Plan, Camp Information, Events/Appearances, Pep-Rally Plan, Program Budget, Competition Information, End of Season Banquet, Banquet Notes, & Grid Pages for Formation Planning
  • Team Information Section Includes: Team Roster, Stunt Groups, Parent/Guardian Information, Absence Tracking, Demerit Tracking, Payment Tracking, Fundraising Tracking, Cheer and Chant Lists, and grid paper which can be used for Notes &/or Formation Planning

The Cheer Coach Planner  provides you with the space to have the important information you need on a day-to-day basis for your team at your fingertips and makes your coaching life easier. Let us help you cultivate a successful season. The Cheer Coach Planner – your season, your plan.

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